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Security shutters and three other ways to protect your warehouse this winter

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5 reasons you should be using plastic (PVC) strip curtains at work

Plastic Strip Curtains or PVC Strip Doors are the simplest, most cost-effective way to transform your workplace. Perfect for industrial, commercial and retail premises alike, here are few benefits to using plastic PVC curtains at work.

1. Plastic strip curtains are super-durable

PVC plastic strip curtains are created with durability in mind. With potential for a large amount of foot traffic and passing warehouse equipment, plastic strip doors are made to withstand regular wear and tear from frequent movement - and can endure a considerable amount stress before stretching or breaking.

2. They’ll regulate the temperature

Whether you’ve got a large space that fails to retain heat or you need to control the temperature in an isolated area, plastic strip curtains can have an immediate effect on regulating the heat or cold. It can be difficult to maintain heat when employees are constantly moving through the work space; using PVC strips means entrances and exits are sealed but still easy to move through when necessary.Additionally, plastic strip curtains are ideal for adding an extra layer of insulation to large chillers and freezer spaces, such as those in restaurants.

3. No more pest problems

The reality of most workplaces is that where there’s bins, there’s pests, and this can be a huge problem – particularly for those in the restaurant or food-processing industry. Open entrances/exits can’t be continually monitored and can let in a number of smaller pests, such as flies and wasps. You can use plastic strip doors to minimise the risk of pest infestations, while still allowing a free-flow of foot traffic.

4. You’ll save money

As far as workplace investment goes, using plastic strip curtains is a relatively inexpensive solution to a range of problems. They’re also cheaper to buy, fit and repair than most doors or separators.With the benefits of regulating and retaining heat within work spaces, there’s also the additional benefit of reduced energy bills. The bespoke PVC strips will be fitted to create an adequate seal, meaning for little to no heat loss – which allows for better thermal efficiency and a reduction in energy consumption.

5. They won’t disrupt workflow

Most of these benefits you may be able achieve with a standard or alternative door, however, the greatest advantage of using plastic strip curtains is that they don’t disrupt the workflow of your employees. If your staff are opening and shutting doors throughout the day, it can have a great effect on temperature control - and the unavoidable noise levels may disturb others at work. Strip curtains can be easily moved through, with equipment and large items in tow, without major disruption to the workplace.

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