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Security shutters and three other ways to protect your warehouse this winter

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Security shutters and three other ways to protect your warehouse this winter

Retail premises face a much higher risk of burglary than people’s homes, so it’s worth taking certain precautions, such as installing security shutters or grilles.

According to the British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) annual survey of crime against retailers, in 1993 there were 57 burglaries for every 100 retail premises. The overall loss suffered by retailers was £332 million; this was made up of stolen stock valued at £231 million, repair costs of a further £62 million and a further £39 million from trade lost after incidents took place. Only 3% of stock was recovered.

So, why invest in security shutters and what else can you do to protect your warehouse this winter?

You need to create barriers to slow thieves down - burglars will try and get the job done as fast and effectively as possible, so the more obstacles you can put in place, the better. Put your resources into more than one type of physical protection.

1. Strengthening potential entrances

Use steel door frames and doors, reinforced steel and anti-thrust bolts on vulnerable doors, and bars on vulnerable windows. Doors For Industry offers standard steel doors, as well as security-rated. Remember that glass panels in doors are particularly vulnerable to attack, so they should be avoided or boarded up. Ask for materials that comply at least to BS8220 for the construction industry as a minimum standard of strength. And the locks on doors should be at least up to the quality of a five-lever mortice lock conforming to BS3621.

2. Security Shutters

Ideal for putting off thieves, security shutters can be used for commercial and industrial premises and provide an important solution, protecting expensive equipment and contents for your peace of mind. Our specialised security shutters are galvanised for corrosion resistance and can be powder coated to a range of colours, allowing them to benefit from high levels of durability. Security shutters can be manufactured in aluminium or steel depending on your requirements.

Aluminium shutters provide high levels of security whilst maintaining a pleasing aesthetic at your premises, meaning you don’t have compromise style for safety. The range of aluminium shutters we offer are manufactured to suit a variety of customer specifications and premises, with various design options. The aluminium shutter can be designed to fit into any are of a retail, commercial or industrial premises for an option that’s as secure as it is visually pleasing.

Steel roller shutters provide a practical and cost-effective solution to any property, which offers a high level of security, keeping your workforce and equipment safe. With all of our steel roller shutters manufactured to the highest standard, you can rely on us to provide you with long-lasting, robust made doors for your industrial or commercial premises. With a steel roller shutter from us, you can choose the best opening solution for you, whether that be an electrical or manual operation. Our versatile steel roller shutters are available in custom dimensions, and for a variety of different opening and security purposes, with the perfect colour and fittings for your property. Steel roller shutters are the perfect economical solution to security for your business.

3. Security grilles

Retractable security gate systems keep a pleasing aesthetic at your premises whilst providing a high level of protection, giving you total peace of mind about the safety of your property. All our grilles are approved by The Association Of British Insurers and we can also offer Security Rated Grilles Certified to LPS1175 Levels 1,2 & 3.

Ideal for those looking for a lower cost manual option, these retractable gates are easy to operate and are exceptionally smooth and quiet thanks to the smooth-running carrier system. As well as this, the gates benefit from multi-point locking with a single key, meaning there are no awkward systems involving an array of different keys and fobs that slow down the locking process.

4. Secure the inside

By also fitting grilles inside your premises, you are making it that much harder for thieves. Protect high value goods with protective grilles and shutters.

From security grilles to security shutters, we have what you need to make your business secure this winter. Get in touch today by calling 01782 849 111 to find out how we can help.

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