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Industrial Doors and Roller Shutters: Requirements and Responsibilities for Manufacturers and Installers

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

A couple of months back, the team at Doors For Industry undertook a DHF course in order to better understand the legislation surrounding industrial doors. Specifically, legislation affecting the supply, installation, assessment and repair of industrial doors as it relates to manufacturers, installers, landlords and tenants. Essentially, we decided that our personnel should take this … Continue reading

Industrial Doors & Roller Shutters: Requirements and Responsibilities for Landlords and Tenants

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

Industrial doors are used primarily for commercial or industrial properties that require greater security, such as warehouses and factories. Coming in a variety of types such as sectional overhead and roller shutter. Each type of industrial door has a different set of features, too, whether it be security, insulation value or speedy opening times.   … Continue reading

Things to consider before buying plastic strip curtains

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

Plastic strip (PVC) curtains are an extremely versatile form of industrial door used across a wide range of industries. From warehouses to schools, PVC curtains provide a simple yet thermally efficient point of access for all sorts of traffic. Thanks to the malleable strips, they are as good as an open door, but can still … Continue reading

Fire Door Regulations

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

Fire door regulations can be a difficult topic to navigate, especially for people who are unfamiliar with the field of fire safety. There are a number of building regulations that every fire door must adhere to, and these may differ from building to building depending on its age. Although there may be a lot of … Continue reading

The Benefits of Roller Shutter Doors for Your Business

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

When you’re looking for ways to beef up the security of your business, the array of security solutions on offer can be daunting. Not to worry though, because this article will shine a light on a simple and effective way to improve your commercial property: installing roller shutter doors. Security roller shutter doors are designed … Continue reading

How Fire Shutter Doors Work

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

Unfortunately, when it comes to fires, it’s a case of when rather than if. That said, in recent years, the numbers are decreasing: between April 2014 and March 2015, the UK Fire Services dealt with 154,700 fires – a record low. This is largely due to the fact that fire strategies are becoming more sophisticated … Continue reading

The Benefits of Industrial Doors

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

It’s impossible to estimate the number of roller shutters that help the UK economy to run smoothly everyday. All we know is, whatever the business – whether you’re part of a supermarket giant or run the local lifeboat station – there’s a roller shutter to suit every kind of work. This month, Doors For Industry … Continue reading

Do I need planning permission for my security shutters?

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

The issue of planning permission is never straight forward and there is not a simple yes or no answer to the question. The rules regarding shop fronts and business premises vary depending on the local council and authorities. However, a reputable security shutter manufacturer will be able to provide the correct security shutter or grille … Continue reading

What are the legal requirements of an industrial door?

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

There are a number of legislative measures taken by the UK government and the European Union to safeguard workers and members of the general public against poorly designed industrial doors. In addition, further stipulations ensure that industrial doors are adequately maintained and checked annually for much-needed repairs. These measures are strongly enforced with fines so … Continue reading

The differences between security shutters explained

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

Doors for Industry provide the widest range of industrial doors and security shutters in the Midlands and Yorkshire regions. We know our stuff when it comes to shutters and think that you should have the opportunity to research the best security shutter options for you and your business, before coming to us for a professional … Continue reading

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