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The Benefits of Industrial Doors

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

It’s impossible to estimate the number of roller shutters that help the UK economy to run smoothly everyday. All we know is, whatever the business – whether you’re part of a supermarket giant or run the local lifeboat station – there’s a roller shutter to suit every kind of work. This month, Doors For Industry … Continue reading

Do I need planning permission for my security shutters?

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

The issue of planning permission is never straight forward and there is not a simple yes or no answer to the question. The rules regarding shop fronts and business premises vary depending on the local council and authorities. However, a reputable security shutter manufacturer will be able to provide the correct security shutter or grille … Continue reading

What are the legal requirements of an industrial door?

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

There are a number of legislative measures taken by the UK government and the European Union to safeguard workers and members of the general public against poorly designed industrial doors. In addition, further stipulations ensure that industrial doors are adequately maintained and checked annually for much-needed repairs. These measures are strongly enforced with fines so … Continue reading

The differences between security shutters explained

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

Doors for Industry provide the widest range of industrial doors and security shutters in the Midlands and Yorkshire regions. We know our stuff when it comes to shutters and think that you should have the opportunity to research the best security shutter options for you and your business, before coming to us for a professional … Continue reading

Loading Bay Safety: Common Accidents and How To Avoid Them

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

Warehouses and factories are dangerous places. Health and safety is a constant concern for workers, with hazards being ever-present throughout the working environment. The loading bay presents one of the most serious dangers in any warehouse setting, with an estimated 25% of all warehouse accidents occurring here. A safe loading bay is a critical component … Continue reading

How Can a New Industrial Door Save Me Money?

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

Wise investments are one of the main cornerstones of success in for any business, and the wisest investments are ones that will help to cut costs and save money in the long term. Industrial doors bring important functionality to any warehouse, factory or commercial property, but are they worth it? In this article we’re looking … Continue reading

How Do I Operate an Industrial Door During a Power Cut?

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

A power cut can cause mass disruption to your business, and can even bring your industrial building to a grinding halt if you’re not properly prepared. When a power cut strikes, it’s important to be able to maintain some form of freedom and accessibility until normal operation can be resumed. Your industrial doors are a … Continue reading

Why Do I Need a Fire Shutter?

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

Fire can cause devastating, irreparable damage to any property. It poses a threat not only to the items within a business, but any personnel on the premises, too. Fire safety is one of the most important considerations to make for any commercial or industrial building, so this month we’re looking at why dedicated fire shutters … Continue reading

See the Signs: When Your Industrial Door Is in Need of Repair

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

Installing industrial doors throughout your commercial or industrial premises is vital to the efficient operation of your business, making it easier to handle excessive foot and vehicle traffic as well as providing strengthened security to your property and all the items stored within. However, there is a chance of your industrial doors suffering some sort … Continue reading

Why I Need Window Shutters

Posted on by Doors For Industry Team

Making sure your commercial property is secure is vitally important, and safeguarding your windows should always be a concern whether you own a retail or industrial property. This month, we’re taking a look at the benefits of window shutters and why they provide a fantastic security solution to any property, as well as providing additional … Continue reading

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