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Servicing and Maintenance of your Industrial Doors and Shutters

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Servicing & Maintenance of your Industrial Doors and Shutters

Industrial doors and shutters are often the main access point for many businesses and are used continuously, making them an invaluable asset to the company. However, if the equipment is not upheld to its highest standards, there may be breaches of major health, safety and fire regulations, as well as high costs to repair or replace.

When a workplace purchases an industrial door or shutter, they may not realise this classes as workplace machinery and therefore must be serviced and maintained regularly to meet health, safety and fire regulations.

There are many issues that can be caused by the lack of regular maintenance of industrial doors and shutters, from everyday wear and tear that could impair the operation of the door, to more serious issues which could develop in complete malfunction which will impact on the day to day operation of your business.

From 1992 Health, Safety and Welfare regulations regarding regular maintenance of equipment to the regulatory reform (fire safety) order in 2005, industrial doors and shutters are classed as the type of machinery that must be maintained, serviced and ‘in good repair’ and companies are liable for their upkeep and maintenance.

So, how do you keep up this regular maintenance to avoid these issues?

The best way to stay on top of safety and maintenance checks is to arrange pre-planned servicing visits. Regular visits by engineers helps to keep long-term costs down and helps to increase the life-span of your industrial doors and shutters.

Doors for Industry provides a fully comprehensive aftercare, servicing and maintenance package on all products we supply. We can create a tailored service to fit your needs, whether it’s a planned preventative maintenance contract, or an emergency rapid call-out response.

As well as our qualified installers, our team of expert engineers ensure the industrial doors and shutters are fully serviced and comply with safety legislation.

After completing fully comprehensive checks, our engineers can establish whether the shutter can be signed off as fully operational, or if a fault is found this can be assessed. Most of the time our equipped engineers can fix issues on site that day. For well-worn doors that need a complete replacement, we can work with you to arrange the best re-fitting options to reduce any interruption to workflow.

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