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6 benefits of fast-acting doors for your business

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6 benefits of fast-acting doors for your business

It is often hard to decide what the best industrial doors solution is for your business, whether security or productivity is your aim. From food processing warehouses to fast-paced packaging sites, there are many reasons why fast-acting shutter doors can be the answer to many industrial site issues.

Fast-acting doors usually fall into two categories; rapid-rising PVC doors which are often used internally in warehouses between sections, and fast-acting roller shutters, a more recent development to the industry, made from aluminium or steel which also act as an external security door.

Many businesses operate with multiple PVC fast-acting doors within their businesses with a security roller shutter door in-front of any external facing PVC doors for security purposes. However, in recent years more and more businesses are opting for the aluminium or steel rapid rise doors which also operate as security doors.

We’ve rounded up six of the top reasons why fast-acting doors can benefit your business.

Increased productivity

The opening and closing procedure time can be cut in half with the implementation of fast-acting doors, meaning that workflow can continue uninterrupted. With opening speeds of up to 3m/sec and closing of 1m/sec, this is especially useful for businesses that deal with the automotive industry or that operate in the frequent flow of goods in and out, especially with forklift drivers that usually would have to wait for doors to rise before moving on. Fast-acting doors aid the workforce in moving easily and effectively without being impeded.


There may be areas of your business that are for authorised personal only, or that contain high value items. With aluminium or steel fast-acting doors, worries about a slower opening and closing process are eliminated, therefore authorised personal can come and go as they please with the areas remaining secure at all times.

The more recent development of aluminium and steel fast-acting doors means that not only is the opening/closing procedure quicker and more effective, but you don’t have to compromise on the toughest materials, which deter thieves from approaching the premises.


One of the main issues with standard industrial doors is that the large opening can cause serious heat loss for the building, which is especially important to businesses who need to keep factories or warehouses climate controlled, with workforces moving unimpeded throughout. Whether you choose PVC fast-acting doors, or the newer more secure material options, heat can be effectively maintained, saving on heating costs and reducing employers’ carbon footprint.

Safer workplace

In many workplaces, contamination from either outside-in or inside-out needs to be considered. For example, in a food production factory or warehouse, dust and dirt from outside areas needs to be kept away from produce, and in environments that deal with hazardous waste it is important to keep materials from leaving the premises.

Fast-action doors can be the perfect solution to these issues, with the ability to have easy access and workflow throughout these areas.

Noise pollution

The nature of many warehouse and factory environments is that there can often be significant noise pollution, meaning often employees in another department separate from the noise, still have to wear protective ear equipment. Fast-acting doors reduce the spread of noise pollution and segment such areas off by closing at up to a speed of 1m/sec, blocking out unwanted noise.


Regularly maintaining your industrial door is of vital importance for safety and cost reasons. If you regularly maintain your fast-acting door then you will be investing in the longevity of your product meaning high return on investment, and less hassle with broken down equipment and having to replace the doors regularly.

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